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5 Effective Ways of Creating Business Blogs - Birdie Martin Marketing - VA - Dallas, TX

All You Need To Know About the Creation of Marketing Blogs:
Technological advancement has taken the marketing industry by storm. Blogs are now making their debut. Do you have a blog? Have you thought about making a marketing blog? Blogs are the best avenue for this because of their frequency, distribution and content substantiality. However, for a marketing blog, you need more than this. What does a marketing blog need to reach its maximum potential? What component is your blog missing? Well, an individual voice is very important. An individual helps you connect with the audience ad creates a sense of trust. This read will aid you in finding your voice and using it as a stepping-stone to build your marketing blog.
Five Effective Ways of Creating Business Blogs
1       Form a strong marketing foundation
Create a strong foundation for your blog. Individualize every aspect of your blog. Create and use your individual URL. Refrain from using a free hosting option. To make things easier, try to include your blog into the website of the business you aim to market. This will aid in technological support of the business. With every post, make sure that your voice is stronger. Add some personality to every post. Individual thinking is appealing to the masses. This will land you many subscribers. This will make your marketing blog stand out from the rest.
2     Simplicity is a necessity
When it comes to blogs, length is not essential. Content and interest are what matters. A blog post could be a paragraph long and still get a substantial amount of views. Length creates repetition, which in turn develops into digressing. You will end up writing on irrelevant stuff. A post does not have to be about words. Make use of pictures and videos. Most people understand and relate better with the visual.
3    Embrace consistency
Just because your post has a personality, it does not mean that you can now post whenever and whatever you feel like. Concentrate on the aim of the entire marketing blog. Keep a schedule for your posts. This will let your subscribers look forward to every blog post. Making your readers guess the next time you post, will lead to them forgetting you eventually. Consistency enhances loyalty.
4     Focus on the theme or title of each blog
 Each blog post has a theme or title. Titles are what attract the audience. Thus, make sure that they are captivating and creative. They appeal to the masses and attract a higher search engine level. Make sure that your article is not more than ten words long. This aids in providing quality rather than quantity on the title. Titles are the first impression of every blog. Make sure that the title has the essential keywords that relate to the post. Clarity is essential.
5     Encourage comments

 Make your marketing blog interactive. This will aid you in reaching out to the masses and relating to your target market. Build on the criticisms and improve your marketing blog. Be aware of the changing needs of your target market. Make sure that you respond to comments to send a message that you value your readers.
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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

5 Ways to Properly Post Information on Social Media

All There Is To Know About Properly Posting Information on Social Media
Do you have a social media platform? Did you know that every social media platform has a distinct way of properly posting information? The ‘one size fits all approach does not apply here. This read aims at showing you the appropriate ways of posting on various social media platforms.
Five Ways of Properly Posting Information
1.     Use quotes that grab attention
In this era, quotes are popular. Everyone likes a god quote. You can either find a quote that relates to your post or creates one as well. Either way, quotes are visually appealing. This makes them bound to sentimentally connect with readers and relay your information to a larger number of people. Since people will share to their following too. Refrain from limiting yourself to known quotes. The idea is to stand out from the rest and reach more people. Preferably, tag the person you are quoting if they have a social media account. There is a possibility that he or she may share your post and reach even more people.
2.     Relate the post to a celebration
This is only applicable if your post is relatable to a festive celebration. Take advantage of the festivities and post your information with relation to it. If a month or date has a theme, consider this and relay your information with an angle of this theme. Technically, there is something to celebrate every day, if you look down history. The celebration or theme does not have to be famous. Even the small celebrations count.
3.     Jump on the hash tag (#) bandwagon
Most social networks have daily hash tag events. For example, follow Friday (#ff) or throwback Thursday (#tbt). Refrain from jumping on every event, because not all events will be relevant to the information you want to post. However, feel free to take advantage of the relevant ones. This will help you relate to the social media culture and the audience. It will help you show your personality as you relay your information.
4.     Use of humor
Social media avenues encourage the relay of humor. Everyone likes a little bit of humor. Take advantage of the trending memes. Funny posts are engaging and shared more often. Using humor connects with the masses more. Humor helps in breaking the tension as you relay the information. Refrain from forcing humor. It makes everything seem awkward and confusing. This is not good if you are seeking to pass down an important message.
5.     Attach a useful link

Links are essential for redirection to additional information. Refrain from over posting links, as they create an imbalance that prevents the sustenance of attention. This is especially useful for social media avenues like Twitter, which has a limited amount of characters per post. Do not be stingy. Use links to promote other people’s information and products too. It will make you seem like the go-to person for reliable information and content. You can write a small introduction to the link or a picture, followed by the informative link.
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